Pneumonia kills nearly 2 million children around the world out of a total of 150 million children who affected by it and about 98% of these deaths occur in developing countries. According to latest estimates Pakistan lies in the top five countries which account for about 99 percent of childhood pneumonia cases.

Our product Smart Steth consists of a digital stethMic and an android based application for self diagnosis.

Digital Stethoscope Features:

  1.   Capable of Recording Lungs sounds at a sampling frequency of up to 44100Hz
  2.   Uses diaphragm of Littman stethoscope recognized as a world standard in stethoscopes
  3.   Uses air coupled sensor to convert the analog voice signal into digital
  4.   Filters out heart murmurs using filters in software part (Android Application)
  5.   Records sound in .wav format which is considered as a global standard for lung sounds analysis.
  6.   Added functionality of emailing the recording sounds to a medical specialist for further investigation.
  7.   “Crackle Separation and Classification from Normal Respiratory Sounds Using Gaussian Mixture Model” in ICSP 2014
  8.   “Separation and Classification of Crackles and Bronchial Breath Sounds from Normal Breath Sounds Using Gaussian Mixture Model” in ICONIP 2014

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