BIOMISA Databases

  1. Retinal Image Database for Macular Disorders
  2. ARMD Database
  3. Database for Hypertensive Retinopathy
  4. Glaucoma Fundus Dataset
  5. Glaucoma Fundus and OCT Dataset
  6. Retina Identification Database
  7. sEMG Database of Routine Activities
  8. Skin Histology Data (Stained and Unstained pairs)

Other Databases

  1. Diabetic Retinopathy Database DIARETDB
  2. MESSIDOR Digital Retinal Images MESSIDOR
  3. Hamilton Eye Institute Macular Edema Dataset HEI-DMED
  4. Digital Retinal Images for Vessel Extraction DRIVE
  5. Structured Analysis of the Retina STARE
  6. Digital Retinal Images for Optic Nerve Segmentation Database DRIONS
  7. High-Resolution Fundus Image Database HRF


  1. AL-BASR 3D Retinal Visualizer
  2. BIOMISA Retinal Image Illustrator
  3. Beatannotate – A tool for annotation of Phonocardiography signals

Paper Codes

  1. Clinically Verified Hybrid Deep Learning System for Retinal Ganglion Cells Aware Grading of Glaucomatous Progression (IEEE TBME, Source code is available on GitHub)
  2. Exploiting the Transferability of Deep Learning Systems Across Multi-modal Retinal Scans for Extracting Retinopathy Lesions (IEEE BIBE-2020, Source Code)
  3. RAG-FW (Paper, Source Code). Password: abc123
  4. CXR Report Generation: Attention based Automated Radiology Report Generation using CNN and LSTM (Code)


  1. Hands on Workshop on Deep Learning with Applications in HealthCare (Data)