sEMG DataSet

1. The data has been collected at a sampling frequency of 200 Hz.
2. The subject_details.xlsx contains the details of the subjects, the actions performed and of individual data files.
3. For two actions (Resting and Typing), the data has been collected from two location: just below the elbow and just above the elbow (bicep).
4. For the rest of two actions (lifting heavy things and pushups), the data from the above elbow position could not be obtained.
5. The data has been collected in the following pattern: 5-60-5. The initial and last 5 seconds are for setting up/getting reading and stopping the action that is being performed. The middle 60 seconds contain the data. For every action except pushups, the action has been performed for 60 seconds straight. For pushups, it has been performed for approximately 20-22 seconds.

Request for Dataset:

In order to use this dataset, please send an email at with details related to intended use of dataset.