Retinal Identification Database

Digital retinal images are used in automatic identification systems and are acquired through digital fundus camera. The uniqueness of blood vessels in human retina forms the foundation of retinal recognition system, which was discovered by two eye specialists Dr. Carleton Simon and Dr. Isodore Goldstein. Hence, retina is the most stable and reliable source for biometric systems.

Retinal Identification Database (RIDB):

A local database of 100 healthy images have been gathered from local hospital. The images are captured using TopCon TRC 50EX camera with a resolution of 1504×1000. Database is named as Retina Identification Database (RIDB) and includes 20 individuals with 5 images per person. Nomenclature used for each image is IM00000x_ y where x shows image of each person and y is person’s ID. The sole purpose of this database is to facilitate the researchers in retinal recognition system.


Please cite following article in order to use this dataset for research purposes. Please note that the commercial use of this dataset is prohibited.

  • Zahra Waheed, Usman Akram, Amna Waheed, Muazzam A. Khan, Arslan Shaukat, and Mazhar Ishaq. “Person identification using vascular and non-vascular retinal features.” Computers & Electrical Engineering (2016)

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