Glaucoma Fundus and OCT Dataset

Glaucoma is a chronic and irreversible neurodegenerative disease in which the neuro-retinal nerve that connects the eye to the brain (optic nerve) is progressively damaged and patients suffer from vision loss and blindness. The World Health Organization has declared Glaucoma to be the second largest cause of blindness all over the world and it encompasses 15% of the blindness cases in world which makes 5.2 million of the world’s population and the number is expected to increase up to 80 million by 2020.

Dataset Summary:

The dataset contains 66 fundus and 66 optical coherence tomography (OCT) images of the optic nerve head. The images are acquired in Armed Forces Institute of Ophthalmology (AFIO) using Topcon 3D OCT 2000 machine. The dataset has been annotated by multiple expert ophthalmologists based upon their expertise. The detailed description of the dataset is presented below:

Images Resolution Healthy Glaucomic Imagery
66 951 X 456 32 34 OCT
66 2032 X 1934 32 34 Fundus



Please cite our article if you use this database for evaluation

Tehmina Khalil, Muhammad Usman Akram, Hina Raja, Amina Jameel, Imran Basit, ‘Detection of Glaucoma using Cup to Disc ratio from SD-OCT Images’, IEEE Access, January 2018.

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